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Our sacred one's words on Earth (P.S.118)!
Curly reciting his lines as Mercutio in
In other words... Curly Quotes folks!

Pink Book:

"Whoever wrote them is pathetic! Read another one!"
Arnold: Ok but this is the last page...

New Teacher:

"We have to get this guy!"
Helga: Curly, you fake vile illness
"Got it!"
Helga: Everyone know the drill?
Lieutenant Goose: What is your name boy!
Lieutenant Goose: What? Your hair aint Curly
boy whats your real name?
"Why do fools fall in love!"


"HA! What a couple of saps! You got it all wrong!
Yea I like licorice, so what? Kidnapping's not my game. Too messy."
"Ok ok I'll tell ya. But you gotta keep it under your hats see."
"I was at a ballet lesson, 4:00, Madame Bovary's school for boys."
"Plié, Jeté, see I aint jokin'"

Cool Party:

"I bet she thinks I'm a geek cuz my dad cuts my hair with a bowl!"
Pheobe: Unabridged dictionary American sling defines geek as a circus performer whose job is to bite the head off a live chicken for the audience's amusement."
Eugene: But thats totally unfair! None of us bite off chicken heads... except Curly"
"YEA! And that was just the one time!"
"And we're really REALLY mad at her for putting us on her geek list! *throws rock at dumpster*"
"I say we paint ourselves with tiger stripes and free all the animals from the zoo!"

Helga Blabs All:

Harold: Its the Jolly Olly Man!
"He should be across town at this hour. What a bizzarre turn of events!"

Whats an opera Arnold?:

"You know? A conquistador! Torerro! A bullfighter!"

Lyrics to Curlimillio song:

Girls: Its Curlimillio *swoon* *faint*
*elvis impersonation* Thank you very much!

[Slides down stair rail, hands CarmHelga candy, flowers,
bear, key to brand new car. Climbs up the stairs]

I'm so Finnnnnnnee
the girls know I'm divvvinne
The thing is I'm sublime
its really true ya know? *mirror shatters*
Check out my kuspidor! *clank* I'm what you're looking for!
Helga wont you dump this guy and come to my bullfights?!

Helga: Well...

Bull fights and sword fights, rolling in manure!
Close to the head *clank on head* I can endure!
FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHTING bulls is all I want in life!
Plus I could use a WIFFFFFFFFFEEEE! *clicks heels together*
And several pairs of tights!
Girls: *swoon*
In shades of BLUUUUUUUUEE!
Helga please say 'I do'!
*wedding bells* *cheers*

Whats and Opera? Quotes (cont.):

Arnold: Wait a minute.. En Guarde!
"Café a lait!"
"Oooooooh oh *gag* *choke* *falls over dead*"
Girls: *sob*
"*elvis impersonation* Thank you very much!"

School Play:

"Tybalt you ratcatcher will you walk?"
Harold: What would thoust have with me?!
"Good king of cats, nothing but one of your nine lives I mean to make bold withal! Will you pluck your sword out of its pilcher by the ears?"
Harold: I am for you! *sword fights with Curly*
"Oooooh oh! *choke* *gag* *falls over dead*"
Harold: Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Are you saying whoever has to play Romeo has to kiss a GIRL!?! *laughs*
"AHHAHAHHAHAHHA HAHA!! Thats too disgusting! Even for me!"
Mr Simmons: If you get mixed up help each other out.. OH and Curly? No improvising!! This is Shakespeare!
"*lifts his shoulders*"