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Temple features
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The many faces of our beloved!

The drawings you see in the picture gallery along with the Curly screen grabs were drawn by me! Heck so is every Curly picture or graphic made in this shrine! So if ya want one for your site please ask for my permission. Yes even holy buddha gods and priestess have copywright!

Screen grab of Curlimillio Looks like...coughArnoldcough is winning this fight Curlimillio grinning Screen grab of Curly looking ticked Curly lookin' real determined Wait a sec! I thought Curly thought kissing was gross! Doesnt he deserve praise for being soo cool!! Screen still of Curly making an O sound but looks as if hes puckering up! ..Lets hope hes not attempting to harm anyone with that Curly pondering his next move Curly looking to his left at Principal Warts' door Its Curly-Rambo! What? No improv? Yet another one of Curly as Curlimillio from 'Whats an Opera?' Curly as Mercutio in 'School Play' Curly in shading crossing his arms Curly in a inflatable-pool horsie Curly and his family