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Unknown facts about our wise one!
Curly upside down on the monkey bars in 'New Teacher'
You may seen a couple of Hey Arnold episodes here and there but
I bet you never figured out these really unknown and unnoticeable facts about Curly!

    Did you know that Curly has one eyebrow?
  • In New Teacher, when Curly's hanging upside down on the monkey bar you can see him frown. Clearly showing that he has one thin uni-brow, like Helga's ONLY really thin practically invisible.

    Did you know that they've shown a picture of Curly's mom on the show?
  • In Curly Snaps, when Curly wakes up and scratches off a day in his Car calendar, if you freeze it you can see that he has a picture of his mom right next to his Wish List that goes as following:

    Wish List
  1. French Fries
  2. Rattlesnake
  3. Yahoo sodas

    Did you know Curly's shirt isnt attached to his shorts?
  • Most people think Curly wears a one piece clothing wear. Cuz you never see the end part of his shirt and beginning part of his shorts. But in fact Curly wears a shirt that happens to be the same bottom stripe color of his shorts. How do you know? Yet again in New teacher he's upside down in the monkey bars and you see his shirt roll forward and his belly out.

    Did you know that Curly is based on a friend of Craig Bartlett from elementary school?
  • Curly is loosely based on a kid in creator of Hey Arnold Craig Bartlett's grade school named Tim Jensen. A spunky mischevious boy who once jumped up on his desk and sang the entire theme song to "Daniel Boone". Only thing is Curly's way weirder and crazier than Tim ever was.

    Did you know animators goofed up on Curly in Helga's Boyfriend?
  • In Helga's boyfriend, obviously not one of Games Animations best quality episodes, in the cafeteria scene where Helga talks Stinky into letting her hire him as her boyfriend, You can see a kid sitting alone in a table behind Helga, wearing the same clothes as Curly, almost the same haircut BUT defintely NOT Curly! Different face shape, nose, mouth, and wasnt wearing glasses. Now, when they switched to Stinky's side the same boy can be seen but..... how could he be behind Stinky if he's over at Helga's side? Mmm mmm mmm looks like they really needed more background characters!

    Did you know Curly's not a big a hot shot he thinks he is?
  • Clearly in episodes such as Flood, Hey Harold, and Operation Ruthless, Curly flirts.. or at least TRIES to flirt with some of the girls from Arnold's class. He's kinda like a wannabe Don Juan, with quotes such as "I havent changed my underwear in 5 weeks, give daddy some sugar *waits for kiss*". Course he always fails! Rhonda: "9:15 its official my life is over..UGH!!*puts hand over head*" BUUUT even though he may think he's all that, he's just a naive 4th grader probably mimicking some tv actor. Because in School Play when Simmons asked him to play Romeo what did he say?

    "Kissing?!!? Even I wouldnt do something so disgusting!!"

    Did you know animators goofed up on Curly AGAIN in Love and Cheese?
  • Yep! You guessed it! Once again, somebody in the cel department didn't check twice when Curly was featured in the background lunch scene where Helga thinks out loud regarding her brilliant plan to ruin Arnold and Lila's outing. If you look closely, Curly's eyes are actually visible through his thick glasses! Two real small black dots but still there!

Now for the more obvious facts!

  • Curly's dad cuts his hair with a bowl

  • Curly's a real problem in school. He's been known to get in trouble with school falculty

  • Curly's favorite candy are licorice whips

  • Curly has a really really... REALLY messy room

  • Curly went to the tunnel of love at the cheese festival (not the "Love and Cheese" episode but "Operation:Ruthless") with Katrinka

  • He also danced with Sheena and ate sandwiches thru out the entire party scene at Rhonda's in "Hey Harold"

  • Curly's afraid of run away kickballs since he was seen running AWAY from one that was chasing him in "Cool Party" when Gerald tells Arnold to look around he couldnt be considered a geek

  • Curly's pretty nosy! He kept asking Arnold to read some more portions of the little pink book

  • Curly's a little over obsessive with his wackey land pencils

  • He's not exactly good under pressure. He spilled the beans when Arnold concluded that the only person who was determined to frame Eugene had to be his enemy

  • Curly's mom has been featured 3 times in "Hey Arnold": in a background photograph in "Curly Snaps", "Parent's Day", and with Curly at Dino's rigged funeral in "Dino checks out". His dad, however, has been seen only in one episode, "Parent's Day", competing in the competition. You can see their picture here!

  • In "Phoebe Skips" Helga actually considers Curly to be her new sidekick, well... only after crossing out Lila, Harold, Sheena, Nadine, and Big patty. But hey! He wasn't the last choice like Sid was!