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Welcome to the Curly Shrine!

Our Holy Hindu god!

Greetings fellow worshipper! Or *cough* monthly inspector..
Welcome! Welcome! To our sacred temple in honor of our beloved God!

Thaddeus "Curly" Gamelthorpe!

*sigh* uhh.. well *clears throat* Just navigate through the temple by the buttons on the left. Oh and before enterin.. Take off your shoes! This is a temple for cryin' out loud! *crickets chirp*...... There! Thats better! *sweetly* You may enter! te he!

Ok ok lets cut to the song and dance! Here in our treasured shrine we have many features like... our wise one speaks (translation: Curly sounds), many faces and appearances of our beloved (translation: Curly Picture Gallery), words from our wise one (translation: Curly quotes), and finally a little about the guardian of this sacred temple who makes sure our golden statues are polished nice and shiny and that those lil Hindu brats dont go around sticking gum under their meditating cushions! (translation: About the webpriestess)

Oh P.S. if ya wanna check out my other "Hey Arnold" site here it is. BTW it wont be updated anymore cuz umm.. I forgot my password and s/n! Oppsie! Before ya leave can ya please sign my guestbook?... NOW!!!!!!.. when ready *smile*

Okay guys, as a starting sophomore in college I, unfortunately, no longer have time to update this site w/ goodies. Due to other interests and Nickelodeon's refusal to play the NEW Hey Arnold episodes, I just can't update this site any longer. Until furthur notice, I don't plan on updating this site. Thanks! Its been a nice 5 years!

Updated 7/18/03

I have a new email addy (yes.. again) I am no longer at hotmail you can email me at msarria@ringling.edu

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